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RDC welcomes Mike Boring

"Explore the shipwrecks of the Atomic Graveyard, Bikini Atoll"

In 1946 the United States wanted to study the effects an atomic bomb would have against various types of warships.  Known as "Operation Crossroads", a fleet of target ships was assembled at Bikini Atoll, a remote outcrop in the Marshall Islands. Two bombs were detonated; the first was an aerial burst and the second an underwater burst. Vice Admiral William Blandy, Commander of the Joint Taskforce, described the events as follows - "The explosions in the air and underwater were very different spectacles, but the end result means the same: death and destruction on an enormous scale." When it is was over, one aircraft carrier, two battleships, a light cruiser, two destroyers, two submarines, and several transport ships lay on bottom of the lagoon.   

Mike's fascination with shipwrecks began on his first dive off of the New Jersey coast in 1971.  Since then, he has enjoyed exploring and photographing shipwrecks from the warm waters of the Pacific to the freezing waters of the Baltic Sea.  Mike is a former dive charter Captain and was a member of the dive team that recovered the ship's bell from the famous shipwreck Andrea Doria.

Mike Boring, a former member of the Richmond Dive Club, he currently lives in Okinawa, Japan. 

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