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Richmond Dive Club will meet as scheduled for our regular monthly 6:00 PM social hour/7:00 PM meeting, November 13th at Bella Luna, 1212 Concord Avenue, Richmond, VA 23228

Richmond Dive Club welcomes Dr. Mike Nusbaum and Bill Waldrop

In 2012, Bill Waldrop was invited to join Dr. Mike Nusbaum to explore CSS Richmond.  Their explorations since that time have convinced them both that it is a national treasure.  She lies upside down, just as the USS Monitor, but that is where the similarities end. The Monitor is 16 miles offshore in over 200 feet of corrosive salt water. The Richmond is about 150 feet offshore and lies in about 36 feet of fresh water, for the most part covered by a protective layer of mud and clay.  

Even though visibility is always a challenge in the James River, you will be among the first to see what no human eye has seen since she was scuttled on the night of April 2, 1865. In spite of the record rainfall this summer, they kept at it with the payoff for their efforts happening on the last dive of the season.  They made an amazing discovery that changed their perception of what could lie just beneath the mud.  Stay for the full film and you can see for yourself!


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