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Erik Petkovic

explorer, author, maritime historian, shipwreck researcher and technical wreck diver

Erik Petkovic


Erik Petkovic is an explorer, author, maritime historian, shipwreck researcher, and technical wreck diver with over twenty years of diving experience. Erik is the author of multiple diving and maritime history books. Erik has been featured in dive publications worldwide and is a regular columnist and contributor to several magazines. Erik regularly presents at the largest dive shows and museums in the US and is a sought-after presenter due to his unique storytelling.  


Lost Tales of Death & Survival: Shipwrecks of Lake Erie

Through Erik’s unique storytelling, relive some of the most harrowing tales never told of shipwreck and rescue. These stories, which have been lost to history, are now brought out of the depths and being presented like only Erik can. Through a mixture of archival, historical, and stunning underwater photographs, Erik pieces together these remarkable tales of death and survival. 

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