"We'd love to do more business through travel agents. The dive business can grow to a size it's never reached before if only it could get the travel agent involved. We have mutual interests. They know the clients, and we know our boats. When a diver calls us direct, it takes 40 minutes to make the booking. When agents call, it's fast and efficient. These agents can call us toll-free anytime, and we'll help them make the sale. It's just like selling a cruise. They book the air, and then just call us. We'll do everything else. And the commissions are fat, because it's all-inclusive."

Peter Hughes

Travel Agent Magazine

Peter Hughes began his liveaboard diving empire in 1990 with the purchase of the Sea Goddess, a boat that offered diving in the Turks and Caicos islands. Based on his and his wife's experience as divers, he recognized a hole in the diving marketplace: luxutry accomadations for couples who enjoyed diving together. His fledgling attempt at creating one of these boats was the Sea Goddess in Provivdenciales. The Sea Goddess boasted private bathrooms and showers in each cabin.

After doing a market study on the Cruise Ship industry, Hughes decided to make further modifications to his growing fleet of dive boats. Soon, his boats became known for features such as: air conditioning, en-suite bathrooms, hot freshwater showers, evening turn-down service, morning beverage service, terry-cloth bathrobes, fresh towels daily and heated towels after night dives, open-air sundecks, audio and video entertainment centers, and gourmet dining.

In fact, his marketing techniques for his fleet of dive boats mirrored that of the cruise boat industry. He began to target travel agents.

Travel Agent Magazine

From Peter Hughes' Web Site October, 2001

Ten Guidelines for Travelers

You may have seen these humorous guidelines or a version of them over the years. The original author is unknown, but the point they make is a valuable one. If you’re planning a trip, you might want to distribute a copy of these to the divers who will be on that trip. It’s a light-hearted way to remind them to "keep cool" when the inevitable glitches and unexpected problem arise during a trip.

1.Do not expect to find things to be like at home. You left home to find things different.

2.Do not take anything too seriously. A carefree mind is a vital to a good vacation

3.Do not let other travelers get on your nerves. You paid good money to enjoy yourself.

4.Do not forget: you are a representative of your country at all times.

5.Try not to worry because he or she who worries will have no fun. Remember that few things in life are fatal.

6.Know where your passport is at all times because a traveler without a passport is a traveler without a country.

7.As a stranger in a strange land, be prepared to do as its people do.

8.Do not judge all people of a country by the one person who has given you trouble.

9.Learn how to say thank you in the language of the country you’re visiting. A sincere thank you, along with a smile, doubles the value of any tip you may give.

10.Remember that you are a guest and those travelers who treat their hosts with respect will be treated likewise.

Used by permission of Dive Training Magazine - July 1999 Issue

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From Peter Hughes' Web Site October, 2001

Though Peter Hughes Diving, Inc. began in 1991 when Peter purchased the M/V Sea Dancer from DIVI Resorts, he has been a strong leader in the diving industry for many years and the extent of his business has grown quickly to include ownership and/or operation of a land-based diving facility and a fleet of seven liveaboards across the globe.

In the mid 1960's, living in Trinidad with his family, Peter learned to dive in a camp on Tobago.  He left for Anthony's Key Resort on Roatan, Honduras where he worked as a dive guide and also where he met Alice, now his wife of more than 20 years.  In 1975 they moved to Bonaire and the Flamingo Beach Resort where Dive Bonaire had its auspicious beginnings.  By 1985, Dive Bonaire had become the largest, most efficient and highly acclaimed dive shop in the Caribbean.  It was at this time that Peter and DIVI Resorts joined to open a chain of luxury resorts/dive operations in Cayman Brac, Barbados and the Bahamas in addition to the existing operation in Bonaire.

In their first year together, the concept of a luxury liveaboard dive vessel was developed and the M/V Sea Dancer was created from a former oil rig crew boat.  She took her first divers into the waters off Grand Turk in January of 1987.  The Turks and Caicos were home port until M/V Sea Dancer moved to St. Martin, Saba, St. Kitts and St. Eustasias.  But the Turks and Caicos beckoned and the M/V Sea Dancer returned, this time to Providenciales, in March of 1990 where she is still at home.  M/V Sea Dancer was in dry dock December of 1997 where she was equipped with two new high pressure air compressors, 50% increase in the capacity of the onboard high pressure air storage system and two new low pressure air compressors to supply the newly installed Nitrox Technologies, Inc. membrane system for the production of Nitrox and again in 1999 where she received a major facelift including deck expansion, additional heads and showers, salon air-conditioning, new galley appliances, new woodworking throughout, painting, etc. (No longer with fleet.)

Joining M/V Sea Dancer to begin the evolution of the DANCER FLEET was the M/V Wave Dancer.  Also an oil rig crew boat at one time, as well as a fishing boat, the M/V Wave Dancer was purchased by Peter Hughes Diving, Inc. in August of 1991 and taken to Morgan City, LA to be refitted as what was then the world's highest standard for luxury liveaboard dive boats.  Running divers out of Belize City to Turneffe Islands, Lighthouse and Glovers Reefs, M/V Wave Dancer started service in February of 1992 and has enjoyed consistent success ever since.  In October, 1996, M/V Wave Dancer was redecorated in the jungle motif of Belize and equipped with a Nitrox membrane system. In October, 1999, she was redecorated in a tropical motif during scheduled maintenance.

In December of 1992, Peter opened Princess Divers at Princess Beach Resort & Casino on Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles.  Featuring a full service dive facility offering sales, service and instruction from basic introductory resort courses to advanced and specialty certifications, Princess Divers was the third project and only owned and operated land based facility to commence business under the Peter Hughes name.  Princess Divers also offers Nitrox fills and certification and has a full service photo lab featuring E-6 processing, camera/video rental and instruction on both.  Today, two custom dive boats carry guests to Curacao's best dive sites. The Princess Divers facility recently enjoyed a face lift in the gingerbread style common on the island.

The next addition to Peter Hughes' fleet, M/V Sun Dancer, began operation in Palau, Micronesia in May, 1994.  Like most liveaboard dive vessels, M/V Sun Dancer started her life as an oil field crew boat.  After undergoing the conversion process in Louisiana, M/V Sun Dancer proceeded to the Port of Houston where the 100 ton vessel was safely hoisted aboard the M/V Chelsea Bridge for the 35 day trans Panama Canal then trans Pacific Ocean voyage to Manila.  Upon discharge of the vessel in Manila, M/V Sun Dancer proceeded on her own keel, to complete the 1000 mile ocean voyage across the Philippine Sea to Palau.  In February, 1997, M/V Sun Dancer was renamed and moved to Papua New Guinea where she operates today as M/V Star Dancer.  M/V Sun Dancer was replaced in Palau by the all new 138' vessel, M/V Sun Dancer II.  (No longer a destination.)

The fourth liveaboard vessel to join the Peter Hughes fleet was M/V Wind Dancer.  Previously the M/V Truk Aggressor, M/V Wind Dancer underwent major beautification in Louisiana in just three short weeks.  Included in the refit of the vessel were two new 2400 gallons per day watermakers, new high pressure air system, redesign of the dive deck, including Peter's unique ridged decompression bar and increased sun shade over the entire area.  M/V Wind Dancer began operations in May, 1995 out of Roatan in the Bay Islands of Honduras, Central America.  During the March, 1998 scheduled haul-out she was equipped with a Nitrox Technologies membrane system.  During the winter of 1999, Wind Dancer cruised to the Dominican Republic for several weeks of Whale Watching Expeditions led by naturalist Capt. Thomas Conlin.  These non-diving charters will continue to be offered on an annual basis from Puerto Plata, DR while the itinerary of the remainder of the year is for diving charters from the Wind Dancer’s new home base in Grand Turk of the Turks & Caicos Islands.

Peter Hughes Diving Inc. acquired a shareholding in the M/V FeBrina in Papua New Guinea in mid 1996, resulting in a joint ownership among Peter Hughes, Max & Cecilie Benjamin and Captain Alan Raabe.  M/V FeBrina maintained her own unique identity and her casual elegance with Captain Alan and the rest of the crew continuing to offer FeBrina's own very special liveaboard dive experience for her guests along Northern New Britain Island including Kimbe Bay, the Witu Islands and Fathers Reefs.  In January, 1997, FeBrina was refit adding one cabin accommodating two persons, bringing the total number of guests to 14 and adding ensuite facilities to three of the seven cabins. (No longer with fleet.)

As the M/V Sun Dancer left Palau for Papua New Guinea in January, 1997, the all new 138' M/V Sun Dancer II began operations in Palau.  Truly the world's finest liveaboard vessel, M/V Sun Dancer II is equipped with a Nitrox membrane system and accommodates 20 guests in 10 large double occupancy staterooms.  Also in January of 1997, a second 400 h.p. water jet driven "Safe Boat" dive tender was added in Palau for swift transportation of M/V Sun Dancer II guests to the dive sites and to minimize crowding on the reef and maximize diver safety, comfort and convenience.

In collaboration with 5 Star Diving Cruises, Peter Hughes Diving began operation of M/V Moon Dancer out of Hurghada in the Egyptian Red Sea in February, 1997.  The M/V Moon Dancer is of steel construction, powered by 2 x 750 h.p. Caterpillar engines giving her a cruising speed of 12-14 knots, has 2 x 80 kW generators, 1 x 15 kW back up generator, carries 20 tons of potable water and is equipped with an on-board desalination unit.  M/V Moon Dancer offers Nitrox fills and Nitrox certifications with an onboard partial blending system.  At the end of 1998 the partnership between Peter Hughes Diving, Inc. and  5 Star Diving Cruises was dissolved, but the vessel continues to operate in the Red Sea as the M/V Oyster. (No longer with fleet.)

Also in February, 1997, M/V Star Dancer (formerly M/V Sun Dancer in Palau) began operations alongside M/V FeBrina in Papua New Guinea.  Beginning in March, 1998, M/V Star Dancer will embark nine months out of the year from Rabaul, off the north shore of the Gazelle Peninsula of New Britain Island, offering an expanded itinerary which includes the Duke of York Islands, the Talele Islands and the inner and outer reefs of the Binnings.  Star Dancer joined the M/V Sun Dancer II for Palau’s high season during January through April of 2000 and 2002.  She returned to her home port of Rabaul and Walindi in PNG on a permanent basis. 

The M/V Antares Dancer (formerly the Antares III) in Los Roques in Venezuela, began operation as the Antares Dancer in January 1999 and has enjoyed great success as the only liveaboard in the oldest actively managed National Marine Park in the Caribbean.  The 85 ft. Antares Dancer is the smallest of the Dancer Fleet’s Caribbean vessels accommodating only 12 guests for highly personalized diving. (No longer with fleet.)

In May of 2001 the brand new M/V Sky Dancer began operations in the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador. Peter Hughes Diving operates and markets Sky Dancer in cooperation with its Ecuadorian partner, Ecoventura. Ecoventura owns and operates four eco-tour vessels that cruise the Galapagos Islands. Sky Dancer is, by far, the newest and finest vessel in the Galapagos and offers guests the same high standards of service, amenities, safety and diving that are consistent with all Peter Hughes Diving vessels.

Beginning in January 2002, the new M/V Komodo Dancer will begin operations out of Bali, Indonesia, exploring the islands of Bali, Komodo and Flores. A traditionally crafted, two masted wooden motor sailor, Komodo Dancer will be 36 meters long, 10 meters wide and accommodate 16 divers. Vibrant local culture, Komodo Dragons, colorful coral reefs and abundant marine life coupled with Peter Hughes Diving’s high standard of luxury operations promises to bring guests to the exciting destination of Indonesia.

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