• In 1989, Belize established an open registry for vessels by authority of the "Registration of Merchant Ships Acts" (PDF 64KB) which regulates the activities of the International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize (IMMARBE).
  • Companies with vessels registered in Belize but operating outside its territorial waters do not file income tax returns nor do they pay taxes. Any individual or company, foreign or Belizean, may register vessels in the Belize registry for lawful Maritime Trade and Service. There is a 30 years age limit but no size or type limitations for vessels. A provisional registry valid for 6 months is first obtained then followed by a permanent registry valid for five years.
  • The International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize (IMMARBE) is a department within the Attorney General¹s Ministry, with its Head Office located in Belize City.
  • The Head Office facilitates and controls all registrations. The Registry operates through a network of Designated Offices worldwide. These offices are empowered to process applications for registration and to issue the relevant documentation.
  • All vessels registered at IMMARBE are subject to a safety inspection in order to ensure compliance with the national and international regulations. The inspection programme contemplates an annual General Safety Inspection, but the Administration may order a re-inspection or a special inspection when it is considered necessary.
  • The General Safety Inspections can only be performed by inspectors who are authorized by IMMARBE for this purpose. They are paid directly by IMMARBE¹s Head Office. Each inspection is co-coordinated by the Head Office.

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