In real terms, three members of the RDC
survived the Wave Dancer accident in Belize. In much looser terms, there
are many more survivors, including 90 members of the Richmond Dive Club. They, like those involved in the 9/11 attacks, were forced to deal with the random, incomprehensible and traumatic loss of so many friends and family.

After the accident, I was active on the ad hoc emergency board: attended all the emergency meetings, handled the RDC Web site and memorial page, liaisoned with families of the victims, worked on the Memorial Service Committee and did pro bono legal research for Steve Glenn, Bob Tata of Hunton & Williams, and the law firm of Breit, Drescher, Breit. I culled through Christy's travel files, organizing them for the legal team, and was privileged to have had many conversations with the survivors and family members of the victims.

Originally, I planned to write a book about the Wage Dancer Tragedy so people would know the truth about what happened in Belize, but other responsibilities always managed to get in the way. Instead, I donated my research to the Richmond Dive Club archives. This Web site contains much of the research I did and is my attempt to create meaning out of the deaths of my friends.

Milly Armao
On my first dive after the Wave Dancer tragedy,  wearing some of  Christy's dive gear, I placed a cross in memory of my friends on the hull of a shipwreck.

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