People who aren't divers don't really understand what it is to be a member of the dive community or, even more special, a member of a dive club.

It is more than a group of people that socializes together. It is more than a group of people who share a passion for diving and are therefore brought together by a common interest. It is a close-knit group of people who dive as "buddies" and depend upon one another for thei lives underwater. But it's so much more than that. Someone once said, "We are like family members that actually like each other, and like spending time together."

I first met Christy McNeil and Steve Glenn on a dive trip to Little Cayman in the spring of 1999. Several other people on that same trip became the core members of the Richmond Dive Club, and it was shortly after that, that the Richmond Dive Club formally came into being. Christy became the Trip and Travel Coordinator for the club; Steve Glenn incorporated the group and still serves as its legal counsel.

Doug Cox and Glenn Prillamn posing in
"Bubba" teeth at an RDC Lake Rawlings
(quarry) get-together.

The Richmond Dive Club grew fairly rapidly; it was hard not to get excited and carried along by Glenn's enthusiasm and Christy's enjoinders: "Are you coming to the meeting tonight?" and "Let's go divin'!" There was a lot of laughter and fun at those meetings.

There was a serious side to the Club. as well: training, speakers, education. But mostly, it was all about diving and having a good time together.

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