"I felt water immediately. The cabin was filling up. The bunk was vertical, and the cabin door was over my head. I either swam or climbed - I don't know - to the door and tried to get it open. I felt hands, and people pulled me up into a life raft. I just went on instinct. I saw a light. I heard a voice call to me. I went to it."

Dave DeBarger

Wave Dancer Passengers

Dave DeBarger
Mary Lou Hayden
Rick Patterson

Wave Dancer Crew

Thomas Baechtold

Angela Luk

Philip Martin (Captain)
Bart Stanley
Frank Wouters (2nd Captain)

Belize Aggressor Passengers (RDC)

Lorrie Clark
Jeffery Clark
Nancy Morgan
David Mowrer
Stephen Peterson
Jennifer Salvatori

Robert Salvatori

Kenneth Schoen
Don Trice
Tara Williamson

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