Richmond Dive Club

Dive Meeting 10/9/2018 @ O’Toole's Forest Hill Ave.

Meet and greet 6:00 till 7:00
Holly, club president, called meeting to order at 7:02.  Guest, new member introductions and dive milestones shared.  

Dive trips with Dive Shops and others announced. 

Mark your calendars for the DC Dive Show February 23 & 23, 2019. 

Treasure report: $5,957.  

Pick up your membership card and/or name tag.  

The club observed a moment of silence to remember those lost in Belize on October 9, 2001.

A replacement plaque for Lake Phoenix has been ordered.  Holly will let club know when it arrives and is ready to be installed. 

2019 RDC Officers: 

*pres. Mark Vaughn

*vice pres. Holly Eve

*treasurer Debi Moir

*secretary Reenie Kennedy

Discussion about location for dive meetings 2019, club members agreed O'Toole's offers better service and food.  

 Surface intervals???  -nothing scheduled…

 Holiday party menu: 

*salmon*filet*chicken cordon blue*portabello mushroom*potatoes*veggies*salad*

Members pay $10.00 per person this will include tip.  Look for an on-line sign-up so we know how many folks will be attending.

Speaker this evening was Marilou Maglione director of Pathology Laboratories at UVA.  Topic -  plastic pollution in the ocean. Research included 22 years of plastic data providing information on the impact and affects on the ecosystem. Club watched "Into the Gyre", movie made about the research activities.  The crew consisted 34 sailors, scientists, and students on sail boat in middle of ocean in Hamilton Bermuda for 34 days with no electronics.  The first federally funded project of its kind. Broken down plastic is being eaten by fish and other microorganism.  How much plastic is really out there? What's happening to the plastic once it's metabolized? What can we all do? Reduce, reuse, recycle.

50/50 for the evening $60.00 (Brooke Muller)

Holly Eve, club president adjourned meeting.

Next meeting 11/13/18 @ Bella Luna. 

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