Richmond Dive Club

Dive Club Meeting 7/10/18
Meet and greet 6 till 7.  Kelly Davis guess speaker from Chesapeake Bay Foundation.
Reminder members are always welcome to attend board meetings.  Guest and new members introduced themselves.  Benchmarks shared.  Dive shops highlight trips.  Club members encouraged to share trips especially if looking for a buddy.  


Treasurer report:  $6212.29. 

Current membership about 90 strong.  

Raffle for gear $5.00 a ticket.  

New website revealed by Peter Martin.  

Upcoming Surface intervals 

8/12 squirrels game meet at the gate (1:05).  

8/11 Sports backer Dragons boat race.  

7/21 float on the James river put in at Pony pasture at 9 (arrive at 8:30).  

7/25 & 7/29 Diver Days for July. Diver day attendance still growing.  

Support shops classes and things of interest.  
Chesapeake bay watershed 64,000 square miles 17 million people access the body of water.  Volunteer opportunities available individual and groups. Kelly shared about the life of the oysters her presentation demonstrated the restoration process.  Mention project to put 10 billion oysters in the bay from Maryland to Virginia.  The goal is to get everyone on the same page for oyster restoration.  The oyster growing is doing well in Virginia.  They filter the water by taking all the stuff that make the water murky out.  Club will volunteer in September.  50/50 was $50.00 Jodi was the winner.  Meeting adjourned at 8 pm.  Next meeting will be at O'Toole's August 14th.

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