Richmond Dive Club

Holly called the meeting to order.  
Visitors were welcomed.
Surface Intervals since our last meeting –the club has been busy!
First we attended the Squirrels game –don’t worry if you missed it there’s another one coming up in August.
We’ve learned how to “pull beer” –first at RiverRock and then at the Anthem Corporate Run.  16 Volunteers showed up for the Anthem Corporate Run -which resulted in a $250 donation for RDC!!!
GOOSE Day occurred on May 20. 
Upcoming Diver Days:         

    • Wednesday June 20 (sign-up deadline Saturday June 16 11:30 pm)
    • Sunday June 24 (sign-up deadline June 20 11:30 pm)
Active membership and on-line registration are required to take advantageof this club benefit

Pay attention to the RDC website things are changing!  There has been some hard work happening behind the scenes to make things work better for members.
Tonight’s program:  Black Coral is an adventure documentary.
At the conclusion of the film, Holly had arranged for a Q/A the producer Brett Winn.
50/50 winner:  Allan Barnes

Next meeting (July 10) will be at Bella Luna 1212 Concord Ave. Richmond, VA 23228
Socializing begins at 6pm with the meeting to follow at 7pm

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