Richmond Dive Club

Richmond Dive Club Minutes

May 11, 2021

Virtual Meeting Started: 7:00pm

Holly Law Eve -President
Reenie Kennedy -VP/Secretary

Debi Moir -Treasurer

Warren Bowman -Communications

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Lake Phoenix

New 2021 LP waivers need to are needed to dive/snorkel/swim/visit

Water Temp at Depth (as of 13 April 2021)

3ft   53.6 Degrees

10ft   53 Degrees

20ft   52.2 Degrees

~67ft   46 Degrees

Tri-City Scuba 
SSI/NAUI/PADI Cavern Diver

SDI Solo Diver

TDI Intro to Tech


TDI Decompression Procedures

Basic Open Water and Advanced Open Water classes

Classes for SSI, PADI, NAUI, SDI and TDI


Instructor Training Center for Health & Safety Institute (HIS)


Medic First Aid


Holly -Aggressor Maldives

Treasurer’s Report
Checking $4095.00
Savings $2247.38

Total $6342.38

Diver Days -EVERYONE attending (Divers, swimmers, visitors) must be listed on RDC registration so they can be included on RDC manifest.

    • May 23, Sunday (GOOSE DAY)
      • last day to register Wednesday May 19.  
    • June 13, Sunday
    • June 23, Wednesday
    • July 18, Sunday
    • July 28, Wednesday
    • August 15, Sunday
    • August 25, Wednesday
    • September 12, Sunday (Member Appreciation Day)


Surface Intervals

Mariner Museum, Virginia Beach Aquarium, Wildlife Center of VA, Outside Concert…

Education Moment

Don’t forget to check/service your equipment/dive computers prior to your next trip.  Make sure you’re comfortable with the equipment you carry.  Holly recently had an opportunity to use a Shearwater Predix.  Tri-City Scuba carry Shearwater computers AND current RDC members receive 10% off!

What do you want from the club in 2021 -the year of transition
when do you want to meet in person?

2022 Officers?

Tonight’s Program 

Jerry Rapp, Navy Deep Sea Diver

At the age of 53, Jerry Rapp considers himself one of the ‘old’ guys and he’s making it his job to look out for the new kids just starting out at the US Navy’s Dive School.  Listening to him talk during the dive club meeting it became very clear, this guys done a little bit of everything.  Snorkeling in Lake Michigan, he was a US Marine, worked as a commercial diver and after crying in his beer (guessing there was more to the story he didn't share), decided to enroll in and completed US Navy Dive school (at the age of 28).  A subject matter expert (SME) on the build of the VA Class submarines.  And while not a Navy seal himself, Jerry has supported the US Navy Seal divers in numerous ways.  This only scratches the surface, very interesting discussion

Two organizations very important to Jerry:

Navy Seal Foundation (

Force Blue (

Next meeting Wednesday June 9, 2021

Erik Petkovic
****RDC will be joining the SeaDevil Dive Club (Charlottesville Club)****

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