Richmond Dive Club

Richmond Dive Club meeting minutes: O’Toole’s Restaurant Forest Hill Avenue Meet and greet 6:00 until 7:00 

Mark Club President called meeting to order@7:00. Welcomed guests and new members.

Members asked to share Dive adventures/accomplishments - no new certifications Holly suggested members sign up for classes. Several members enjoyed some great dive trips and wonderful sites.

New certifications:  Thomas just became an instructor and Mark just became endorsed to repair gear!Surface Intervals:

    • Monument Avenue 10K April 13th
    • RiverRock May 18 – 20 
    • GOOSE DAY MAY 19 -Don't forget to register on-line AND don't forget to complete your Lake Phoenix waiver on-line.

Total in accounts:  $5693

Upcoming member trips: 

    • Jim Y. is traveling to the Oriskany
    • Mark V. is going to hunt lion fish May 5th& 6ththis is a field-testing expedition.  Lion fish traps will be tested -talk to Mark V. if you’re interested.
    •  Jodi V. and Jim S. are diving the Atlanta Aquarium weekend August 24thspace available.  

Presentation tonight was Lee Elliott, Virginia State Police -once again he kept us fascinated with tales of everything they are involved in including all the cool equipment they get to play with!  Heard over and over, "he can definitely come back!"

50/50 $86 -Mike Nolan

Meeting was adjourned by Mark

Next meeting will be May 14th 

Socializing begins at 6:00pm and the Meeting/Program begins at 7:00pm.

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