Richmond Dive Club

Richmond Dive Club Minutes

  • April 13, 2021

    Virtual Meeting Started: 7:00pm


    Holly Law Eve -President
    Reenie Kennedy -VP/Secretary
    Debi Moir -Treasurer

    Corporate Sponsors thank you for your continued support!  Remember to shop local!

    Lake Phoenix 2021 LP waivers need for 2021 RDC Diver Days!!!! 

    Water Temp at Depth (as of 02 April 2021)

    3ft   53.6 Degrees
    10ft   53 Degrees
    20ft   49.8 Degrees
    ~67ft   46 Degrees

    Tri-City Scuba 

    SSI/NAUI/PADI Cavern Diver
    SDI Solo Diver
    TDI Intro to Tech
    TDI Advanced NITROX
    TDI Decompression Procedures
    Basic Open Water and Advanced Open Water classes
    Classes for SSI, PADI, NAUI, SDI and TDI

    Instructor Training Center for Health & Safety Institute (HIS)

    Medic First Aid


    Key Largo/Palm Beach
    St.  Lawrence
    VA Beach

    Member's Dive/Travel plans
    Many of us are dreaming of traveling...
    Not Debi she’s going to Bimini next month

    Treasurer’s Report

    Checking $4122.66
    Savings $2247.13
    Total $6369.79

    Diver Days

    BOD is looking for member to assist with all Diver Days this year.  Let us know when your are able to assist with hosting !

    May 23, Sunday (GOOSE DAY)
    June 13, Sunday
    June 23, Wednesday
    July 18, Sunday
    July 28, Wednesday
    August 15, Sunday
    August 25, Wednesday
    September 12, Sunday (Member Appreciation Day)


    Potential Surface Intervals...

    Mariner Museum, Virginia Beach Aquarium, Wildlife Center of VA, Outside Concert…

    Education Moment

    5 skills every diver should practice:

1.     Remove, replace and clear your mask
2.     Become neutrally buoyant and hover
3.     In shallow water to deep to stand in and with a deflated BCD, release and drop enough weights to become positively buoyant
4.     Use an alternate air source to ascend to the surface and establish a positive buoyancy 
5.     Practice any other skill the instructor feels/you feel nee improvement

PADI suggests that divers who did not dive in the last six months should take a refresher course.

What do you want from the club in 2021 -the year of transition

when do you want to meet in person?

2022 Officers?

Tonight’s Program 

Carla Chatterton, (Servicemembers Undertaking Disabled Sports) SUDS 

SUDS -small non-profit 501c3 organization whose mission is to improve the lives of injured service members coming back from IRAQ and Afghanistan through SCUBA.   SUDS is funded 100% through charitable donations (all private).  The program draws wounded veterans from three veteran hospitals:  Walter Reed, San Antonio and San Diego.   While the acronym remains the same, SUDS, they have recently changed their name:  Servicemembers Undertaking Disabled Sports to represent the multi-sport approach they have embraced.

Check out the SUDS website and diving videos

Next meeting Tuesday May 11, 2021

Jerry Rapp, Navy Deep Sea Diver

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