Richmond Dive Club

March 10, 2020

Meeting Started: 7:00pm

New members/guests: Total of 10 new members and guests introduced themselves.

New certifications: members in attendance announced any new certifications

Goals: Nitrox, advanced, dive master

Milestones: none

Trips planned: Bonaire, Greece

Wish lists: Win lottery

Discussed memberships: Asked all that have not renewed for 2020 to please do so.


        • Richmond Dive Shop Jim discussed trips coming up
        • Tri-City Scuba Scott discussed upcoming classes and trips
        • Lake Phoenix Clean-up volunteer effort

Next Board meeting: April 2nd

Website:  website upgrade potentially going live this month.  Holly presented a preview of the new site.

Service intervals:

        • DC Dive show...Good number went.  Travel related stuff was great but would have been nice if they had more dive stuff. 
        • Boston sea Rivers
        • Beneath the sea
        • Banff, few people stopped by the booth
        • Ukrops 10k volunteer Event
        • USS Monitor Museum member trip
        • James River association Volunteer opportunities
        • Treasure of ancient Egypt's sunken ships
        • Overview for when to take a refresher classes.
        • Watched video on scuba refresher
        • Charlottesville bubbles and Brew – opportunities to join up with their dive club for these events                       

Talked about Richie that spoke on practice even when out of the water.

Jim talked about reactivate for $150 plus book w/Richmond Dive Shop

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