Richmond Dive Club

March 09, 2021

Virtual Meeting Started: 7:00pm

Holly Law Eve -President
Reenie Kennedy -VP/Secretary

Debi Moir -Treasurer

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Lake Phoenix

New LP waivers need to be completed, online, for 2021

Tri-City Scuba 
Thu Mar 18th Open Water SCUBA Class
Thu – Sun Mar 25 – 29 Florida Springs Trip
Thu – Sun Feb 25th-28th Florida Springs trip
Sat Apr 3rd Intro to Tech
Sat Apr 10rd Advanced NITROX / Deco Procedure
Sun Apr 11th Advanced NITROX / Deco Procedure
Fri Apr 16th Pool Training

Sat – Sat Apr 24th-May 1st Bonaire 

Member's Dive/Travel plans
Many of us are dreaming of traveling...
Debi did join the Sea Devil Dive Club for one of their coming Bubbles & Brews events
Siemers -Honduras
Debi -Belize

Possible contact for a mimic activity for the swim/dive activity the Charlottesville club does monthly

Treasurer’s Report
Checking $2818.18
Savings $2247.11

Total $5065.29

Surface Intervals

What do you want from the dive club in 2021?

Tonight’s Program 

Becca Boring, Operations Manager Backscatter

12 tips for new wreck photographer’s
1.     Having the right gear -take what works best for you. 
2.     Don’t take what you don’t need 
3.     Focus on your fins (when shooting wide angle, you’ll have the same focus length for all your shots)
4.     Neutral bouncy for camera -add floats save your arms
5.     Protect your dome … add dome covers (wet and dry) for protection -most damage happens on the boat  
6.     Strobes -shooting in manual try shooting just to the right of 0.  Read your histogram!!!
7.     Review your images while in the water
8.     Shoot the same thing over & over
9.     Use your arms -reach out & take the photo from different angles/lengths/move the camera around
10.  Make use of other divers -use their lights/use them for scale/be creative -a photographed diver looks better with their legs together
11.  Don’t be afraid to edit your images.  Helpful resources:

a.     Go Ask Erin (Erin Quigley from Backscatter) -YouTube channel
b.     Creative Workflow in Lightroom -publication
c.      Lightroom Coffee Break -YouTube channel

12.  Embrace your mistakes -everyone makes them!

Next meeting Tuesday April 13, 2021

Carla Chatterton, SUDS

Servicemembers Undertaking Disabled Sports (SUDS)

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