Richmond Dive Club

Celebrating Dive Milestones

  • Randi McCandish Murdock 50+
  • Debi Moir 800

Juturna Springs opening soon (potentially June) – 200+ feet deep

Dive season is gearing up and trips are getting lined up for the summer…

Surface Intervals

Larry gave a report on the Baltimore Aquarium dive. Blue Tangs enjoy pebble massages.

Banff film fest was another success.

Upcoming surface intervals

March 22 Wine & Design -6:15

Beneath the Sea –March 23 – 25 Secaucus, NJ -several club members will be attending

Monument Ave 10K -Saturday April 14 contact Mike ( to VOLUNTEER -guaranteed to be FUN!!!

RiverRock –Saturday May 19 –VOLUNTEERS are needed (contact Mike) stay tuned for details.

Diver Days –GOOSE Day Sunday May 20th

Mako Mania –June 1 – 3 –Washington Area Scuba is making an effort to educate folks about sharks during Mako Mania Shark Tournament, Ocean City. This is not a club sponsored event. Contact Rock Kulisch for more info.

Chesapeake Bay Photo contest –we’ve certainly got some members who should be entering…

50/50 winner: Billy Mercer

Simeon Hahn, NOAA Regional Resource Coordinator

Lieutenant Commander James Brinkley

Lieutenant Commander Sean Cimilluca

Talked about his time diving as a part of the NOAA diving program. NOAA Ship -Oscar Dyson (Kodiak, Alaska) 2 years, December ’17

NOAA diving center in Seattle

NOAA Monitor plans… this is his latest post and he’s promised to keep us posted.

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