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Richmond Dive Club - January 2022 Membership Meeting

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Meeting held virtually via Zoom.

Club President, Jim Dacey began the meeting at 7:01 pm.


Members shared some upcoming plans for scuba trips such as the Florida Keys.

Tri-City Scuba has upcoming trips to the Florida Springs.


Shared a comparison of end of year bank statements for four different years.


Checking $6,085.43

Savings    $2,218.17

Total        $8,303.60


Checking $1,093.04

Savings    $5,004.36

Total        $6,680.60


Checking $1,993.05

Savings    $2,247.06

Total        $4,295.11


Checking $1,185.12

Savings    $2,647.31

Total        $3,832.43

Jim discussed the need to keep an eye on finances. Discussed RDC expenses that the club may not have had in the past such as web services and Zoom meeting platform.


Jim gave an overview of the BOD Meeting held in early December.

  • ·       Jim gave kudos to Warren Bowman for all of his hard work behind the scenes.
  • ·       BOD successfully passed the torch to the new BOD members.
  • ·       RDC Bank account updated.
  • ·       RDC PO Box moved.
  • ·       RDC Website updated, as well as Google, Google Drive, Mailchimp and Wild Apricot web hosting.
  • ·       Diver Day dates have been set. RDC will no longer be cooking food at Diver Days.
  • ·       Discussed possibility of increasing dues to $40 Individual, $60 Family and $130 Corporate. Only a $5 increase. There            has not been an increase in several years.
  • ·       Discussed possible club fundraisers.
  • ·       O’Toole’s has agreed to RDC use of their meeting room for 2022.
  • ·       Looking at the possibility of using an online service for RDC member clothing.
  • ·       Working on Guest speakers for 2022.
  • ·       Club survey to go out after Tracy Hess’ presentation.
  • ·       Surface intervals in the works.
  • ·       BOD will be working to review and revise RDC bylaws.
  • ·       Mike Nolan will continue to head the Surface Interval Program.
  • ·       Looking at pairing up with other dive clubs in the state for activities.
  • ·       The next BOD meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 10, 2022 at 7 pm. Meeting will be held virtually over Zoom.            Any club member is welcome to attend.


2022 dues start February 28. Payment can be made online.

BOD is considering a $5 dues increase across the board. New dues would be as follows:

Individual $40, currently $35

Family $60, currently $55

Corporate $130, currently $125

Membership stats for 2021

30 - Family

57 – Individual

2 – Corporate

Jim asks members to invite new members and/ or remind previous members to rejoin.


Banff Film Festival

James River High School, 3700 James River Road

Friday, March 18, 7-9:30 pm $6

Saturday, March 19, 7-9:30 pm $6

Sunday, March 20, 3-5:30 pm $6

Tickets available from Chesterfield Parks and Rec. Information is also available on the RDC Facebook page.


Jim thanked RDC’s Corporate Sponsors, Tri-City Scuba and Lake Phoenix for their continued support of RDC.

Upcoming trips as well as available specialty classes for Tri-City Scuba were listed and may be found on the Tri-City Scuba website.

Jim thanked the other RDC BOD members, Larry Knorr, Debi Moir and Bart Drummond for their assistance as well as all of the members of RDC.


Larry turned the floor over at 7:14 pm to Tracy Hess, Certified Health and Life Coach with Dominion Wellness Coaching, for her presentation on “A Diver’s Biggest Nemesis and How to Defeat it!”. Tracy gave a wonderful and informative presentation on the biggest health factor to a diver, cardiovascular disease, and provided 7 steps towards living healthier.


Tracy turned the floor over at 8:11 pm to RDC Vice President, Larry Knorr, who announced an upcoming email that will be coming to members with a survey. The survey is to get member input on ways to improve the club and determine what each member would like to get out of their membership in RDC.

Jim closed the meeting at 8:14 pm.

The next RDC membership meeting will be February 8, 2022 at 7 pm. In-person at O’Toole’s or Virtual meeting via Zoom to be determined at a later date based on COVID data.

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