Richmond Dive Club

February 13, 2018

Richmond Dive Club meeting minutes: Meeting @ O’Toole’s Forest Hill Avenue

Meet and greet from 6 until 7. Holly club president called meeting to order at 7:02

Holly welcomed guest and introduced members of board. Visitors asked to introduce themselves; members asked to share recent dive adventures reminded to update dive insurance and to use club number. Debbie reached dive number 800. The treasures report $4491.00. Board still looking for volunteers; don’t forget to share your pictures and connect via social media we are on all of them. Baltimore/D.C. dive show and aquarium was fun for those who attended.

Surface intervals

*National Aquarium 10 divers going

*Wine and Design on a Thursday night

*Sport Backers Monument Avenue 10K volunteer

*Richmond Squirrels game

*Banff Film Festival

*Beneath the Sea.

If interested, classes available at Lake Phoenix and through local dive shops. Speakers this month Virginia Black River Diving with Kent Radwani & Thom King; next meeting March 13, 2018 at Bella Luna speaker LT. Cdr. Sean Cimilluca presenting NOAA Diving Program.

Speaker for the evening Kent Radwani talked about diving and finding stuff in the rivers with limited visibility. During a dive Thom found what he thought was a good find. It was heavy and turned out to be the vertebra of a Wrights whale. The weight of the vertebra broke the line and the boat floated off. Thom had the vertebra on display for everyone to look at.

Kent also had an impressive display of shark teeth for us to see. Shark teeth sell for $25 to $3,500 depending on size. Virginia requires a permit for river diving, must show pictures of find. The Mattaponi river has the best visibility can see shark teeth lying on the bottom. Kent suggested if interested to start in shallow water and go with someone you know with experience.


Meeting adjourned by Holly at 8:30 pm.

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